Kindergarten 3 and 4 year old programs
Locations Geelong, Warrnambool, Bannockburn and Timboon

Kardinia Early Learning

We would like to thank you for taking the time to enquire about Kardinia Early Learning, as part of your child’s learning experience.

Philosophy Education is care.  Care is education. We are always responsive to occasion and provide programs and opportunities that continually innovate to allow our people to grow, learn and reflect.  People matter to us and as such we stay attuned to the learning needs of not just our organisation but to each individual within it.
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Vision A community where every child and family’s potential is realised. Mission To make a positive difference to each child and every family through a community approach.
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Values Our philosophy is expressed through many parts that are individually important but the most impacting aspect of each part is their interconnectedness with each other. Each part of our philosophy is made visible through our shared values that are woven into our everyday practice.
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Book a Tour Kardinia Childcare and Kindergarten is located in Geelong, Warrnambool and Ballarat. Get in touch to find out more or book a tour to have a look at our facilities in person. We'd love to see you.
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What You Will Notice

An Inquiry Based Approach Children are powerful, competent and capable members of our community.  They are also curious learners who naturally investigate, inquire and engage the world around them.  Time, space and people influence how children approach learning and how they see themselves as learners.  Our environment and interactions will reflect a positive influence on how children view themselves so that their self-esteem, self-worth and rights are always held in high regard.
Freedom of Movement and Respectful Caregiving Freedom of movement and key caregiving (Emmi Pikler & Magda Gerber) are teaching approaches we use particularly with infants and toddlers to ensure we give them every opportunity to feel secure and in control of their environment.  Because infants and toddlers have limited language and control over their daily lives, we can empower them and promote their social and emotional development through respectful caregiving
Nature Based Curriculum Our outdoor yard is a large open space where children can explore nature and all its wonder. Filled with loose parts and opportunities for children to get messy, as they engage in play that encourages them to take and manage risks.  We know children learn by experience, they are intrinsically motivated to push boundaries in order to assess what they can and cannot do.  We provide risks, not hazards, for children in a controlled environment.
A Community Based Approach One focus that we place high value on in our curriculum is social justice.  Social justice teaches children to embrace the notion that we can challenge biases and stereotypes, while promoting inclusiveness and equity within our extended communities.
Specialists Programs Our Chinese Second Language program is based on ELLA (Early learning language Australia). ELLA introduces children to learning a new language via interactive tablet apps, which have been developed in consultation with experts in languages, early childhood and technology.
Creators Not Consumers At Kardinia we are creators not consumers. We have a sustainability and resources officer who works closely with our team to ensure we are using equipment that is resourceful and reusing where ever possible. Acknowledging the fragile state of our world, our programs support children to care for their environment and to understand the responsibility they have to reduce, re-use and recycle.

Latest Social

In the spirit of respect, Kardinia Childcare and Kindergarten recognises the Aboriginal Peoples of Australia as the Traditional Custodians of the Land. We pay our respects to them, their culture and their Elders past, present and future.

Kardinia Early Learning are committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people. Our service has a zero tolerance to child abuse and are committed to providing safe, respectful and trusting environments for all.

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