Our Philosophy


A community where every child and family’s potential is realised.


To make a positive difference to each child and every family through a community approach


Building authentic and genuine relationships with children, families and our community are central to how we approach decision making.  It is not just the relationship itself but the quality of that relationship that matters most to us at Kardinia Early Learning. Our educational programs are underpinned by an emphasis on both care and education as equally vital to children’s learning and wellbeing.  We do not see these as different or separate parts but rather a holistic and integrated way of approaching teaching and learning.



Education is care.  Care is education.

We are always responsive to occasion and provide programs and opportunities that continually innovate to allow our people to grow, learn and reflect.  People matter to us and as such we stay attuned to the learning needs of not just our organisation but to each individual within it.

Our philosophy is expressed through many parts that are individually important but the most impacting aspect of each part is their interconnectedness with each other.  Each part of our philosophy is made visible through our values and beliefs which centre on our: Image of the child, families, environments, teaching team and our community.


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In the spirit of respect, Kardinia Childcare and Kindergarten recognises the Aboriginal Peoples of Australia as the Traditional Custodians of the Land. We pay our respects to them, their culture and their Elders past, present and future.

Kardinia Early Learning are committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people. Our service has a zero tolerance to child abuse and are committed to providing safe, respectful and trusting environments for all.

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